ACI Merchant Vertical Campaign


This “Hear This” campaign catches the eyes and ears of prospects. It raises brand awareness and provides education on ACI’s solution portfolio.



Door Warmer Postcards

We kicked off with three oversized “door warmer” postcards, designed to pique interest through a series of simple but intriguing and provocative statements.


3-D Clutter-Busting Mailer

We developed a dimensional “pay off” package that includes a premium: ACI-branded earbuds to motivate an audience that may not be familiar with ACI.


Incentive Premium

The dimensional “pay off” package with premium ACI-branded earbuds. 


ACI Appreciation Premium

When prospects schedule an appointment with an ACI rep, they receive a Bose® Bluetooth Speaker. The gift acknowledges the valuable time commitment prospects are making and shows ACI’s appreciation.


Informative DM Package

This educational “Fact vs. Fiction” package follows the earbud mailing. It dispels misconceptions about the payment solutions, PCI compliance and security categories.


Hardworking Landing Page

This is the destination point for all in-campaign targets. It serves as the hub for all content, education and actionable events.