Does Paid Search Work for Retail Banks?

Dan Beca  |  Director of Marketing Technology

May 30, 2017

Is paid search just a great channel for retailers, or does it work for retail banks too? Do people searching for a new checking account provider or a better home loan rate really use Google the same way they search Amazon for a pair of shoes.

The answer is yes. Customers search for financial products and services just like they do for retail goods. In fact, they’re searching for them now more than ever. According to Google, searches for terms like “checking account” and “savings account” have doubled in the past five years.

If acquisition is one of your challenges, read this white paper to learn how paid search can deliver the new customers you want, both online and in the branch, affordably and effectively.

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Dan Beca |  Director of Marketing Technology
Dan develops digital and web strategies. His areas of expertise include business analysis, requirements gathering, business process development, web development, application development, database design, data analysis, digital marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing/optimization, and mobile marketing.

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