More Effective Omnichannel Marketing for Retailers

Dan Beca  |  Director of Marketing Technology

February 16, 2017

Retailers are struggling to implement omnichannel strategies. Only 21% are more confident than they were a year ago that they are delivering omnichannel experiences. Nearly half say progress is not happening fast enough.

Although it can be easy to measure marketing efforts in specific channels—for example, digital—it is far more difficult to determine what is driving the sale across online and offline channels. Because many retailers are structured in silos, their teams are rewarded for improving results within a single channel vs. across all channels.

By focusing on the customer first, effective omnichannel marketing can be achieved. Using a combination of customer feedback, analytics and third-party research, retailers can learn what their customers are thinking, feeling and doing at each stage of the customer life cycle. Armed with that information, retailers can then develop a unified, holistic content strategy. This content strategy, fueled by well-organized data, will allow for fact-based decisioning that can be applied across various customer and prospect segments, within specific channels. In this manner, the content strategy will then dictate the appropriate media channels and placements to effectively communicate with the customer.

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Dan Beca |  Director of Marketing Technology
Dan develops digital and web strategies. His areas of expertise include business analysis, requirements gathering, business process development, web development, application development, database design, data analysis, digital marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing/optimization, and mobile marketing.

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