Benchmarking Customer Experience

Dan Beca  |  Director of Marketing Technology

February 24, 2017

The Importance of Customer Experience and How Organizations Can Benchmark Themselves

Executive Summary

This paper explores why customer experience is vital to companies in today’s economy. It will take a deep dive into the key areas that define a great customer experience and provide a measurement framework to help organizations keep track of how they measure up against competitors and the industry.


In today’s business environment, the combination of technology, education and globalization has allowed companies to produce very high-quality products. But as technology advances and is made available to more people, the ability to differentiate products has become less and less feasible. The same can be said about the services provided by companies. Both products and services have continued to become commoditized, and because they are not differentiators on their own, the customer experience needs to be what sets each company apart. “Customer experience has been defined as the quality of events that accounts for anticipation, emotional involvement, a uniqueness that makes the aforementioned stand out from the ordinary, and reaches some form of completion” (Ab Hamid, 2013).

This paper will explore the different areas of customer experience and attempt to provide a scorecard that companies can use to gauge how they are doing against the industry or their competitors.

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Dan Beca |  Director of Marketing Technology
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