Catalyst Introduces Version 4.1 of CatalystLSM™ for an Improved Franchisee Experience

Mike Osborn  |  Managing Director

September 5, 2018

Rochester, NY – Catalyst has introduced version 4.1 of CatalystLSM™ with an enhanced user interface to improve the franchisee CRM experience.

CatalystLSM™ is a local store marketing platform that allows franchisors and franchisees to seamlessly manage omnichannel CRM communications at the local level. The web-based platform provides franchisees with a portal that allows them to opt in to franchisor-developed CRM programs, access a marketing automation system, view dashboards and marketing reports, and provide input for store-level customization. It’s also where CRM communications can be previewed and approved before deployment.

According to Mike Osborn, Catalyst’s managing director, CatalystLSM™ version 4.1 provides franchisees with “freedom within a framework.” Franchisors can control what’s important to them – brand messaging, creative and offers – while franchisees are able to customize at the local level. It offers the control that franchisors need and the flexibility that franchisees want.

“The platform is proven to increase franchisee participation in CRM programs,” he said. One leading automotive services franchisor was able to achieve 96% franchisee participation in its CRM programs, helping to drive 8% of daily store traffic.

“For franchisors, key benefits of the platform include: easy method for updating and managing CRM programs; increased sales through higher franchisee participation in successful CRM programs; branding and messaging control for consistency across channels; a competitive differentiator that helps attract new franchisees; and quick and easy onboarding of new franchisees,” Osborn said.

“For franchisees,” he added, “key benefits include: minimal training requirements; timesaving simplicity and ease of use; integration across channels, resulting in a better customer experience; improved CRM results through store-level targeting, offers and messaging; and robust reporting to see where they stand.”

About Catalyst

Catalyst is a marketing agency that combines complex data analysis, experience design and marketing technology to help clients develop more profitable customer relationships. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, our clients include AAA, BOBST, Kulzer, Monro, Inc., TTI Floor Care, and Valvoline Instant Oil Change, among others.


Mike Osborn

Mike Osborn |  Managing Director
Mike founded Catalyst with Jeff Cleary in 1990. He served on the Direct Marketing Association’s Agency Council Strategic Advisory Committee and has been an ECHO Award judge. He has served on the boards of the Advertising Council of Rochester, Compeer and Mary Cariola Children’s Center.

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