Overcoming Inertia: How to Get Customers to Switch to Your Bank

What's inside:

  • Three strategies identified by participants that would get them to switch their bank
  • What makes customers anxious after they switch their accounts
  • Specific ways to improve your switching process, with a detailed plan of action
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About Catalyst

Catalyst is a marketing agency that helps financial institutions develop more profitable customer relationships. We combine data, customer insight and marketing technology to improve acquisition, retention, cross-sell, and upsell. We call it Science + Soul.

Our clients have included American Family Insurance, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, HSBC, M&T, Preferred Mutual, and First Niagara (now KeyBank), among others.

For help improving your switching experience, contact Christian Banach at 585.453.8313 or email: cbanach@catalystinc.com.