Finding the Gaps in Your Retail Customer Experience

Elizabeth Mertz  |  Director of Client Services
Tara Litchfield  |  Director of Experience Design

February 16, 2017

Corporate projects tend to focus on individual touch points, technologies or features without taking into account the total customer experience. And that prevents the company from viewing its customers holistically.

What is more, over half the marketers cite not having a consolidated customer view across channels as the biggest roadblock to a successful cross-channel experience. In this guide, you’ll learn what a customer journey map is, how to create one to pinpoint gaps in your customers’ experiences and how to use it to gain a competitive advantage.

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Elizabeth Mertz |  Director of Client Services
Liz’s areas of expertise include strategic planning, account development, campaign analysis, campaign management, and franchise marketing. In addition to leading high-volume accounts at Catalyst, she’s held management positions at Vertis and Draft Worldwide.

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Tara Litchfield |  Director of Experience Design
As Catalyst’s director of experience design, Tara develops engaging and effective experiences for our clients’ customers. She leads research initiatives that uncover new insights, then translates those insights into optimized customer experiences. She has worked with a variety of Fortune 500 clients, including American Express, Honeywell, Kaspersky Lab, Paychex, Sears, Anthropologie, Carpet One, Reebok, Verizon, and Campbell’s Soup, among others.

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