Using Paid Search to Drive Retail Customers In-Store – Part 3

Dan Beca  |  Director of Marketing Technology

February 20, 2017

Part 1: Focus on metrics that matter 

Part 2: Realize that not all sales and conversions are equal 

After you’ve established a paid search program that aligns with your business goals and you’ve assigned different values to different sales in your customer mix, it’s time to test.

Stay ahead of the pack by testing

How will you ensure that your program is continuously improving and not stagnating? How can you tell whether you are staying ahead of your competitors? You test!

At Catalyst, we view testing as a two-pronged approach:

  • Small-scale, frequent optimization testing
  • Large-scale, less frequent “big idea” testing

Small-scale testing

Small-scale testing is something that everyone should be doing. The more you can segment your audience, the more information you will have and the more you can use that information to optimize spend. Types of small-scale testing include:

  • Modifying keyword maximum bids
  • Mining for new keywords
  • Testing different keyword types
  • Testing new ad copy
  • Making small tweaks to your landing pages

This type of testing should provide incremental increases in program performance.

Large-scale testing

Large-scale testing is done less frequently and should have a much bigger impact on your program performance. This would include:

  • Offer testing
  • Restructuring of campaigns
  • New platform functionality
  • Location targeting
  • Time of day/day of week testing
  • Extensive landing page overhauls
  • Audience modeling

By constantly conducting small-scale tests, you will know that your campaigns are running efficiently and effectively and creating incremental value. By running large-scale tests periodically, you can elevate your program significantly.

Putting it all together

Paid search advertising gives marketers a unique way to connect with retail customers who are looking for specific products and services. You’re able to accurately measure program performance at many different levels of the sales funnel.

Take the time to map out a paid search strategy that aligns with specific business goals, focuses on metrics that matter, assigns the right value to various types of sales, and includes continuous testing. I guarantee that your program will be miles ahead of the competition and drive more in-store sales.

Dan Beca |  Director of Marketing Technology
Dan develops digital and web strategies. His areas of expertise include business analysis, requirements gathering, business process development, web development, application development, database design, data analysis, digital marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing/optimization, and mobile marketing.

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