How to Make Your B2B Lead Management Program Fail – Part 1

Jeff Cleary  |  Managing Director

November 22, 2016

B2B companies often invest a great deal of time and money in developing a lead management program. Unfortunately, too many make the same basic mistakes, resulting in a program that is doomed to fail.

In this multi-part series, we’ll explore some of those mistakes and show you how to fix them.

Mistake #1: You set the wrong business goals

Before you embark on your new program, ask yourself what you want it to accomplish. It’s not enough to say, “our program needs to improve our selling effectiveness,” or, “our program needs to drive more sales.”

Foundational to the success of your lead management program are goals that you determine through a collaboration between sales and marketing. This includes:

  • Revenue targets
  • Acquisition goals
  • Account growth goals

It is important to establish these goals up front. Revenue targets and ROI should be measurable KPIs defined in your initial plan and shared by both sales and marketing. Understanding the contribution that your lead management program will make to your company’s annual revenue goal is critical to the success of your program. Marketing and sales simply cannot have different goals, nor develop them in isolation, or your program will fail. And it is critical for these jointly developed goals to be discrete and measurable. Skip this step, and you might as well skip adopting a lead management program altogether.

Jeff Cleary |  Managing Director
Jeff, a University of Massachusetts grad, worked for others for many years. In 1990, Jeff teamed up with Mike Osborn to form Catalyst. Smart move. In his role as managing director, he continually strives to meet and exceed client expectations as well as his employees’, always ensuring a positive, productive workplace.

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