Loren Marowski

UX Developer


Loren specializes in front end development, responsive design and client-server relationships. He likes to work on websites that are innovative and cutting-edge in both design and code. Outside of work, Loren enjoys creative writing and graphic design, as well as playing an occasional video game or two.

Loren’s Posts

Using 3rd-Party Tools vs. Developing Your Own

April 27, 2016

Sometimes there are great benefits to creating your own development tools. Other times, it makes more sense to use tools that already exist.

Do's and Don’ts of Responsive Design

March 04, 2016

Nonresponsive sites can cost you in Google search. Worse, they can cost you customer loyalty.

Conversion Rates Skyrocket With Responsive Design

August 25, 2014

Several recent studies have found that responsive design not only affects the way your digital assets look ... it can also significantly impact your conversion rates. Here’s why.