Chris DiMuro

Account Director


Chris is an account director at Catalyst specializing in data-driven solutions, including campaign development, analytics and database development. She holds a BS in marketing from RIT. In her past life she worked at Eastman Kodak Company and JCPenney. When not immersed in data, she spends her time with her family and animals on their farmette. Chris also coordinates Catalyst’s Meals On Wheels program.

Chris’s Posts

Omnichannel Marketing Tips for Retail Stores

July 27, 2017

Technology has wreaked havoc on the retail landscape. In order to compete, brick-and-mortar stores must embrace it and create an integrated online and offline environment that satisfies their customers.

How to Create a Winning Acquisition Strategy

March 24, 2017

A robust acquisition strategy should consider your target audience, multiple media channels, your message and offer, and the cost to acquire new customers. Here are four ways to create a winning strategy.

Six Ways Brick-and-Mortar Stores Can Combat Online Competition - Part 2

March 16, 2017

Use these proven strategies and tactics to help convert showrooming to webrooming, and become the preferred shopping channel for your current and prospective customers.

Six Ways Brick-And-Mortar Stores Can Combat Online Competition - Part 1

March 03, 2017

The brick-and-mortar store is still a critical part of the omnichannel mix. Smart retailers know how important it is to allow their customers to engage with the brand before they buy. Here are six ways to drive more traffic in to your stores.