Catalyst in the Community


We hold an unwavering commitment to give back. Our main focus is on children with special needs and all children who need to feel safe and protected. The well-being of our community is at the heart of our company.


Nathaniel Rochester Community School No. 3

Every week a dozen of us volunteer to tutor 5th graders. And we were able to play a role in helping the students write a book report about a hero who has inspired them.

We were even able to secure a printing company to generously print books of all of the students’ stories. The impact and response were overwhelming for everyone involved. As the tutoring and relationships continue, the lines begin to blur and we sometimes wonder who’s teaching whom.


True Heroes: Making a Difference

This book was a project for Ms. Michelle Cope and her fifth grade class at Nathaniel Rochester Community School Number 3. This is a special book. It’s about heroes. Written by future heroes. Inspired by real heroes. It is the result of the dedication of students, teachers, tutors and volunteers. A compilation of special perspectives on what a hero is to the 5th grade students. We are honored to be a part of this amazing journey.

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Mary Cariola Children’s Center

Through generous donations of time and contributions, Catalyst participated in the largest fund-raiser of the year. Over the years, we’ve done market research, created direct mail fund-raising appeals and built their website pro bono. Our contributions were acknowledged with the Special Friend of the Children Award.


Bivona TV

The journey of producing and shooting a 30-second commercial takes many hours and a lot of dedicated people. Here is a peek behind the scenes in the making of the Ad Council TV spot.

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Meals on Wheels. Catalyst Cares

Every week, Catalyst volunteers make a difference in the community by delivering a warm smile and a warm meal to our neighbors in need.


Our Work in the Community



United Way Personalized Donor Engagement Email

We understood the donor. They wanted to know how they were making a difference. We personalized the email to address their area of interest and the impact of their contribution. It drove a deeper engagement and an increase in donations.

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People + Passion = The Heart of the Company

See what giving back means to us in this POV paper. We call it Share of Heart.

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